Effortless Mind Meditation

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Welcome to your meditation membership and to Effortless Mind! To get started learning this effortless yet highly effective form of meditation, you have two basic options.

1. If you are new to meditation:

Get started quickly and easily by taking Effortless Mind Meditation – 1. This is the basic Effortless Mind meditation course. It is ideal to start getting the benefits of deep meditation right away. In this course, you wil learn an easy and simple meditation that will give you deep relaxation and peace right from the first module, which consists of 5 short videos totaling less than an hour of instruction and then a guided audio meditation. Once you’re meditating, take the next three modules at your leisure to deepen your understanding and experience. Each module will add to both your knowledge and understanding, so be sure to complete the course. 

2. If you already practice Effortless Mind:

Proceed to Effortless Mind Meditation – 2. I’m delighted to offer this course on my membership site. It consists of 26 videos, most of which are under 10 minutes, recorded in 2013 during one of my one-day meditation courses I taught in our Yurt in Issaquah, WA. These videos comprise the complete one-day course, which was my most popular meditation course ever, attended by several thousand people from 2010 to 2015. This course integrates highly effective techniques into a single, comprehensive meditation practice.

What is the difference between these two courses?

Effortless Mind Meditation – 1 teaches you all you need to know to get started with a simple, elegant, and deep meditation. It’s ideal for anyone who wants to get the most out of a meditation practice right away, with the least investment of time. Effortless Mind Meditation – 2 includes the following additional instruction:

  • All of the techniques (pranayamas and mudras, etc.) included in Toning Your Energetic Body, which will ensure every meditation is deep, effortless, and delivers the optimal benefits.
  • More thorough discussion with questions from the audience.
  • Chakra meditation level 1.