12-23-13 Mind Matters with Adam C. Hall

This week Ajayan’s guest was Adam C. Hall. He is the co-author of, “Earthkeeper: Undeveloping the Future.”   listen. … [Read more...]

12-16-13 Mind Matters with Dr. Susan Clarke

This week Ajayan’s guest was Dr. Susan Clarke. She is the author of, “Clarke’s Dictionary of Transactional Analysis.” listen. … [Read more...]

12-09-13 Mind Matters with Alan Kaufman

This week Ajayan’s guest was Alan Kaufman as a follow-up interview from last week's interview of Alan. He is the author of, “Drunken Angel.” listen. … [Read more...]

12-02-13 Mind Matters with Polly Campbell and Alan Kaufman

This week Ajayan was joined by part-time co-host Polly Campbell, author of “Imperfect Spirituality,” and Alan Kaufman, whose latest book is, “Drunken Angel.”   listen. … [Read more...]

11-18-13 Mind Matters with Inna Segal

This week Ajayan‘s guest was Inna Segal. She is the creator of, “Visionary Intuitive Healing.” listen. … [Read more...]

11-11-13 Mind Matters with Karen Hering

This week Ajayan‘s guest was Karen Hering. She is the author of, “Writing to Wake the Soul.”    listen. … [Read more...]

11-04-13 Mind Matters with Brad Warner

This week Ajayan‘s guest was Brad Warner. Brad is a Zen priest, filmmaker, blogger, and Japanese monster-movie marketer. He’s the author of Hardcore Zen; Sit Down & Shut Up; Sex, Sin & Zen; and most recently, There Is No God and He Is Always … [Read more...]

10-28-13 Mind Matters with Gwilda Wiyaka

This week Ajayan‘s guest was Gwilda Wiyaka Founder/Director of Path Home Shamanic Arts School. She is also the author of, “So, We’re Still Here. Now What?”   listen. … [Read more...]

10-21-13 Mind Matters with Dr. Bernie Siegel

This week Ajayan‘s guest was Dr. Bernie Siegel. He is the author of multiple books including his latest, “The Art of Healing.”   listen. … [Read more...]

9-30-13 Mind Matters with Sarah Wiseman

This week Ajayan‘s guest was Sarah Wiseman. She is the author of “Living a Life of Gratitude.”    listen. … [Read more...]